Thinkware U1000 2CH . Front and Rear Dash Cam THINKWARE

499.23 USD


Dash cam front and rear provided by the Korean company Thinkware specialized in the manufacture of dash cams and in cooperation with Dash Cam Store Saudi Arabia, 12 months warranty.

4K imaging resolution with the front lens and 2K imaging resolution with the rear lens:

With the Thinkawre U1000 dash cam, you can get high-quality imaging with four times more detail than regular FHD photography, as well as a 150-degree wide shooting angle, so you will be able to document all the minute details on the way on video.

2K 60fps dynamic rear lens:

The Thinkware U1000 dash cam also supports a 2K rear dash cam with 60 frames per second, which enhances the smoothness of video sharpness, and the shooting angle is 156 degrees wide.

According to statistics, collisions that come from behind make up a third of all accidents, so a shooting angle of 156 degrees can capture the full picture behind you and protect you from denial of the other party

capturing at night:

Videos in low-light conditions may not be as clear as off-road roads or in parking lots, but the Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam uses the SUPER NIGHT VISION2.0 system that relies on Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology to deliver clear, visible video. In all circumstances, whether the car is parked or on the move.

This duo from Sony will improve the performance of shooting in low light conditions as well as the performance of Thinkware in processing captured video

Timelapse feature:

When the car is parked, and if the memory is full with continuous shooting, you may lose some important clips and cannot return to them, especially when the camera is in a parking position with the normal imaging system, which requires a large memory size to store for a longer period.

But with the timelapse feature of the Dash Cam U1000, the dash will shoot continuous shooting at a rate of two frames per second, which will contribute to reducing the size of the video and not consuming memory space while increasing the recording time to 16 times that of normal recording.

Note: To activate this feature, you must use the fuse link on the dash cam box.

Safety systems while driving:

Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam Equipped With Lane Deviation Alert System LDWS

Collision Alert System for approaching the vehicle ahead FCWS

Low Speed Collision Warning System FCWS

The Forward Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) system ensures that the driver is always aware of the road with audible safety tones.

Lane Deviation Warning System LDWS

Whether you are drowsy or preoccupied with something that may increase the possibility of an accident, but the Lane Departure Warning system will alert you when you are deviating from the lane at speeds above 50 km/h

High Speed or Low Speed Collision Alert:

Accidents can be avoided by leaving a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, and with Thinkware 1000U it calculates the distance between you and the car in front of you when driving at speeds over 30 km/h on highways, or when driving at speeds less than 30 km/h on city roads, The dash cam will sound alerts at 3 levels according to the severity of the possibility of a collision

Forward Vehicle Departure Warning System FVDW

When you are stopped at an intersection or a signal, the Intelligent Alert system will alert you if the car parked in front of you begins to leave, and this will reduce the delay in responding if your eyes are occupied with something else during the stop.

Video quality improvement technology:

The Thinkware dash cam is equipped with the latest video quality improvement technologies available in the industry, to make sure you get the best picture in your video recordings in all conditions.


When driving towards the sun, when coming out of a tunnel, on the side of the shadow of buildings, etc., there will be a sudden change in brightness and this may cause the brightness of the video to increase or decrease dramatically, which leads to blurring of some details in the video.

Automatic brightness adjustment feature:

The sudden increase in light coming from sunlight or car lights causes blurring of the video, and the same situation occurs when entering or exiting a tunnel. And with the automatic brightness adjustment feature, brightness levels will be controlled to maintain the clarity and clarity of the video in all conditions

Various shooting modes

Continuous recording mode:

This mode is activated automatically when the car engine is started, and the video clips are saved in one minute for each clip and with the automatic scanning system for old clips

Event recording mode:

The shock monitoring system will memorize the event clip with 10 seconds before and after it via the G-sensor.

Manual recording mode:

You can choose this mode to save the video of the events that happen in front of you with the press of a button.

Energy saving feature

When the car stops, the camera can enter hibernation mode to maintain the car battery level until any shocks occur. The video is captured by the shock sensor, and the camera will work within seconds to record the event for 20 seconds

View the saved recordings and make updates via the smartphone:

The camera can be paired with a smartphone using the dedicated app

It is a THINKWARE DASH CAM Mobile Viewer application, with which you can access the camera via Wi-Fi to view clips, download or delete them, or update the program installed on the camera

Browser dedicated to the computer to view the videos with more details:

With this browser, you can access the contents of the memory and you will be able to view the videos comfortably and with more details, whether through the Windows or Mac system. You can view the videos and at the same time display the map, route history and speed.

You can also modify options, format memory, or even update the program through simple steps using the browser.

Comprehensive details of driving data with built-in GPS:

The built-in GPS can determine the location with high accuracy and all the history of the track along with the speed recorded at that time on the map. In the event of an accident, the accurate GPS enables you to determine how fast was the time of the accident, the destination and strength of the collision. The camera not only records the video of the accident, but can be used Tracks previous recorded tracks of vehicle movements.

Camera protection system in case of overheating:

The camera is designed in a way that helps dissipate heat, as well as a built-in temperature sensor to monitor the temperature, which in turn will turn off the camera in order to protect it from overheating damage.

To download the user manual in Arabic, click here

Camera Specifications

Specification details:

Front: 8.42M Sony IMX 334 Exmor R STARVIS

Rear: 5.14M Sony IMX335 Exmor R STARVIS

Front resolution: 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160p) 30fps. / 2K QHD (2,560 x 1,440p) 60fps.

Background Resolution: 2K QHD(2,560 x 1,440p) 30fps

Front shooting angle: 150º

Background shooting angle: 156º

Supports memory installation up to 128 GB

  • 499.23 USD
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