Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process that you undertake to introduce people to Dash Cam Saudi Arabia products, and in return you will receive a commission for completing the sale by you.

What do we distinguish?

  • You won't get tired of introducing our products to their fame and your job will only be to tell people.
  • The store's products are exclusive and one of the most powerful dash cam companies in the world.
  • We ship to anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for free and provide all payment methods.
  • A special page for the marketer to follow up on his profits immediately.
  • You can market through your own link on social media.
  • Reliability and credibility of dealing: We are a registered institution in the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.

Affiliate Marketing Candidates?

  • Anyone can talk about our products.
  • Existing Dash Cam Saudi Arabia customers.
  • All websites.
  • Owners of blogs and personal sites and the most influential in social networking.

How do you start affiliate marketing?

  • You can use graphic banners with your referral link in them.
  • Work on publishing your marketing link correctly.
  • Post your link on social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram...
  • Write a review about the site or products and include your links within them.
  • Carrying out paid advertising campaigns on Google or social media.
  • Make an introductory video with Dash Cam Saudi Arabia and include your marketing link in it.

common questions

Are there conditions to participate in the affiliate marketing system? How can I register?

Registration is free, click here to fill out the registration form

How does the affiliate marketing system work in Dash Cam Saudi Arabia?

After filling out the form, a page will be sent to you to follow up on your profits immediately, and your marketing link will be sent. We recommend using link shortening sites such as .

Once the customer clicks on the link and goes to us and buys through you, you get your commission.

Note that it is not a requirement that the visitor you sent to us buys at the same moment or day, as once he enters us, he will save a cookie file on his device, and when he makes a purchase during the period of saving cookies, your commission will be calculated .