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Terms and Conditions

hello friend,

These terms and conditions apply to your use of the website Dash Cam Store Saudi Arabia

By using the Dash Cam Trading Corporation website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THESE TERMS, YOU MAY NOT USE OR ACCESS THIS SITE. All materials on this site are protected by applicable copyright and trademark protection law.

These terms are subject to change without prior notice.

  • The store may send promotional messages to registered customers and the customer can unsubscribe from them.
  • The store notes that the customer should communicate with the store in the event of any problem with the request or inquiry about the product before ordering the communication data displayed on the site (WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail).
  • The store has the right to change and modify the names and metadata of the products and remove them without prior notice.

Orders and Payment:

- Payment options available (credit card / mada payment, Apple Pay, stc pay, cash on delivery in some regions, bank transfer)

Before ordering please read the product description carefully.

- In the notes field on the order completion page, the customer can write his comments and they will be implemented as possible and not obligatory for the store

The product description includes the information known to us about the product. If you have any inquiries or find a lack of information, please contact us through the available means of communication.

Warranty, Exchange and Return


For one year against any manufacturing defects in dash cam products, the warranty is extended to 18 months if a free extension service is provided with the manufacturer, and the warranty for the connection and memory is 6 months.


- Get your money back within 7 days of receiving the item and without explaining the reasons provided the item is still in the same original condition when you received it.

- If the label is removed from the product carton cover, 30% of the product value will be deducted, provided that it is not used.

- It cannot be returned after removing the seal attached to it and using or installing it.

The buyer bears the cost of shipping on the delivery companies.

Memory cards and the power cord are non-refundable.

What is the expected period for refunding the amount and the transfer mechanism?

Your cancellation request is processed by us within 3 working days, after which it depends on the mechanism of the remittance system and banks as follows:

Bank transfer:

The amount is transferred during the above-mentioned period, taking into account the fees and duration of the transfer from one bank to another.

The amount will be returned automatically during the above-mentioned period according to the procedure followed by the purchase system in banks, which are as follows:

If the transfer was before it was scheduled to our account, it will be returned immediately and without fees

If the transfer has been scheduled for our account, cancellation fees will be calculated in the banking system as follows

As for the fees for electronic payments, they are fees for the bank only:

  • MADA: Fees per transaction (1 SAR + 1.75%).
  • Visa: fees per transaction (1 riyals + 2.2%).
  • STC Pay: Fee per transaction (1.70%).
  • Apple Pay: Their fees are the same range (1 riyals + 1.75%).

All electronic payment fees in addition to the value added tax (VAT) 15%.

Replacement :

- Replace the damaged products due to my factory or damaged during delivery within 7 days from the date of receipt, the store must be informed of the damage upon receipt with sending proof such as a picture of the product, the buyer recharges it on any economic delivery company such as Saudi Post, the replacement is sent as soon as the damaged product is received .

Privacy policy

The Dash Cam Saudi Store team welcomes you, and thanks you for your trust in it. The Dash Cam Saudi Store informs you that out of its concern and full awareness that the user has rights, the Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store seeks to preserve the information of users in accordance with the mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information in force. It's in the Dash Cam store in Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, the Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store explains to you that the privacy policy and confidentiality of information under which your information will be dealt with is as follows:


First: The information that Dash Cam Saudi Arabia obtains and maintains in its databases

1. Personal information of the user, such as name, age, e-mail, national identity number or residence number.

2. The user's personal login information, such as the user name, password, e-mail, and the question and answer for password retrieval.

3. The nature of the electronic platform may impose some information related to cookies for electronic purposes that facilitate the interaction between the store and the user.

Second: Does Dash Cam Saudi Arabia share this information?

1. Of course, Dash Cam Saudi Arabia seeks to retain this information in a way that preserves the user's privacy, and Dash Cam Saudi Arabia does not keep this information except for the purpose of improving the quality of the online store and facilitating the interaction between Dash Cam Saudi Arabia and the user.

2. As a general rule, all this information is only available to those in charge of the Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store, and they will not publish or broadcast it to others.

3. As the Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store seeks to maintain the safety of users, - in the event that Dash Cam Saudi Arabia notices any illegal or illegal activity carried out by the user - the Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store may inform the competent authorities after consulting with the lawyer for Dash Cam Saudi Arabia Store.

Third: How secure is the confidentiality of the store's information?

Dash Cam Saudi Arabia seeks to keep the information and privacy policy of users confidential and will not violate the provisions of these rules and policy. However, since it is not possible to guarantee this 100% via the Internet, the team at Dash Cam Saudi Arabia notes the following:

● Dash Cam Saudi Arabia seeks to preserve all user information and not to be viewed by anyone in violation of this policy in force in Dash Cam Saudi Arabia.

● Since the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% of what may happen from penetration or viruses to electronic security systems and to the firewalls in force in the Saudi Dash Cam Store, the Saudi Dash Cam Store advises users to keep their information strictly confidential, and not to disclose any information The user sees it as very important to him, and this is in the interest of the Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store in directing and guiding users.

Fourth: Rules and provisions for using Dash Cam Saudi Arabia:

All obligations of Dash Cam Saudi Arabia, all obligations of users, and all rights contained in the relationship between the user or consumer and Dash Cam Saudi Store, are here, as these rules are the "Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information" emanating from the agreement concluded between the user and the Store Dash Cam Saudi Arabia regarding the regular and legal relationship between them, and the privacy policy and confidentiality of information has been developed to ensure the credibility and confidence that the Dash Cam Saudi store management is keen to provide to users.

This store policy is subject to change without prior notice, so please review the latest developments in it before using the site.