What is the dash cam?


Where did the word dash cam come from, or as it is written in English, Dashcam, which literally means drum camera. The dash cam was called by this name because at the beginning of the need for a camera documenting events for police cars in America in the eighties, the cameras were placed on the dashboard of the car and they were using regular video cameras that record video on tapes. This name is "dash cam" and was famous for it, and in about 2009 in Russia their systems encouraged the installation of dash cams in their cars, and this explains why most of the dash cam clips spread on the Internet were the ones in Russia, the most famous of which are fraud clips to obtain compensation and a fall clip The 2013 meteor, which was captured on a large-scale dash cam. Since that time, the dash cam has begun to develop in terms of video quality, then Wi-Fi was added to it, and the event recording feature was added even while the car was in the off mode with the help of the “parking mode” feature, or as it is called in English “parking mode”, and mobile applications were developed to facilitate the withdrawal of clips from The camera or to receive updates for the program installed on the camera. The update can include adding new features or certain fixes to the program installed on the camera. Some types of dash cam have even developed to the point where you can control the camera remotely using a mobile phone or computer, and you can also activate the feature of receiving notifications on Your mobile phone in case the camera senses a shock or movement around your car while you are away from it, and also see a live broadcast of what is going on around your car using the camera’s cloud feature while you are in your place, and we will talk about that later. One of the most important benefits of the dash cam is documenting crash and escape accidents, for example, or documenting insurance fraud cases, such as someone going backwards until he bumps into you and accuses you that you hit him to get the insurance amount, and it can even be used as a surveillance camera for the yard of the house if the car is parked inside Or to the street if the car is parked outside, by using the parking mode feature, which enables the dash cam to sense shocks or movement near the car, which will be discussed later.

How do you choose the right dash cam for you?

The article has been compiled to be your best helper to buy your first dash cam

Are you new to dash cam? Learn more about it in this article

If you have no idea what type of dash cam is right for you, this article will show you everything you need to configure all the basic information about the dash cam. This article will help you learn about the options available to help you decide what type you're looking for. Here are examples of the questions we ask our customers when they contact us to direct them to the right choice. There are many types of dash cams with multiple uses, and they are used in different types depending on the type of car you want to install the dash cam in. Do you use it on a daily basis or use it for Uber or Careem or for order delivery or do you have a fleet of cars and want to monitor them through the dash cam. You will find the desired type of dash cam that suits you in our store. Dash Cam Store Saudi Arabia will provide all types of dash cams for all possible scenarios to ensure that you have a documented and safe journey, whatever your field.

Dash Cam Basics:

The basics:

- What is a dash cam?

- What are the basic characteristics?

Why should you choose a high quality dash cam?


- "Parking mode" feature

- Wi-Fi and GPS.

- An electrolytic capacitor instead of a lithium battery because it bears high and low temperatures and is free of risks to the user.

Video resolution.

- Shape and size.

- The mounting piece for the camera on the glass with the adhesive and the mounting piece for the suction cup.

Memory cards or cards.

- How to divide and classify clip files in memory.

Shock and motion sensor.

The software installed on the camera or "firmware", the video browser, and the instruction manual.

What is a dash cam and why do you need to have it?

Dash cam means the camera installed on the dashboard inside the car and is usually installed on the front windshield from the inside, and depending on the type of dash cam, it can do many things such as recording events, whether the car is in the operating mode or even in the off mode, and it can record video with or without sound, and it can also Linking to smart phones using the application dedicated to the camera provided by the manufacturer, and this enables you to browse or save the desired clips from the camera to the mobile directly without the need to remove the memory from the dash cam.

The dash cam comes with several shooting options:

Including a single lens dash cam (ie, front-facing only)

Including two lenses (ie, front and back photography)

Or two lenses of the type (front and interior photography of the passenger cabin)

or up to three lenses (front, rear and interior of the passenger compartment)

It is also of the two-channel type, the front will be of the well-known imaging type and the other will be equipped with an infrared imaging feature, usually installed on the windshield, but directed inward to photograph the passenger cabin, which is dark at night and the normal camera cannot photograph it, and therefore this is the recommended type For those who work for Uber or Careem or who have a fleet of cars and need a way to monitor their fleet and their drivers.

What are the basic characteristics of a dash cam?

One of the most important features of the dash cam that you should choose is that it is easy to use, as all our cameras do their work in a simple way without the need, for example, to intervene to adjust the settings frequently. This article will simplify to you what the basic features of a dash cam are, and will cover the meanings of terms such as auto-start, auto-record, rotate-record, and more.

Why do we care about dash cams and choose them carefully?

This question is always asked to us: Why are your dash cams more expensive than those in the market? Can I get a dash cam for less than 400 riyals? To answer that question, there's a good reason for that, and it's this reason that makes the biggest difference between our cameras and those in other places.

There are specific features that make the dash cam in the high-quality category such as the unobtrusive design, the availability of a parking mode feature, its compatibility or compatibility with smart phones, the ability to shoot in 4K resolution, the availability of a collision sensor or “G-sensor” and the quality of raw materials that can withstand weather in various conditions.

What is "parking mode"?

The parking system recording system is one of the features of the dash cam that enables it to continue recording even when the car is in the off mode, and this feature is always present in the dash cam cameras in the upper category, and this is what provides protection and monitoring of the car around the clock.

Remember that accidents may occur at any moment, and what makes the situation worse is the presence of the car owner away from it without his knowledge. The possibility of recording a video with the dash cam and the car in the fire mode has proven its effectiveness in documenting and proving crashes, escapes and dents caused by others due to opening their car doors to you. violent or even documented intentional scratching.

What is the Wi-Fi and GPS for the dash cam?

It is very useful to have Wi-Fi and GPS in the dash cam, but it is often considered necessary in daily driving conditions, and usually these features are available in dash cam cameras of the highest price and currently they may be found in some cameras of lower categories, and we always advise to buy the types that contain On these characteristics, and for clarification, Wi-Fi does not mean that there is an Internet near the camera, but rather it is the process of pairing the camera via Wi-Fi (the same method as Bluetooth pairing, but Wi-Fi is faster in transmitting clips)

Video resolution, what does it mean?

Currently, most of the dash cam cameras available in the market are of Full HD 1080p video resolution, and their prices vary from 300 riyals to approximately 1500 riyals.

shape and size?

This is an important aspect that must be paid attention to, for example, if the size is large, it may block part of the driver's vision or may attract unwanted attention to this device located inside the car.

Usually, most of the dash cam cameras are designed by manufacturers in a way that does not attract attention. settings or in order to save clips to mobile,

How to install the dash cam, is it better to use the adhesive mount or the suction mount?

Usually the front camera is installed on the front windshield and the rear on the back glass. For installation, the cameras come with a sticky attachment or a suction cup. While installing the suction cup is easier, but we do not recommend it because it will fall over time and because it is subject to car vibrations, causing the video to be shaky or be not clear. In any case, most of the dash cam cameras use the adhesive type for installation because it is more reliable and stable than the suction, but the suction type may be useful in the case of people who drive more than one car because of the ease of placing the suction on the glass, removing it and transferring it from one car to another without difficulty.

What are the "microSD card" or "microSD card" storage cards used for the dash cam?

When most people buy a dash cam for their cars, they tend to forget the most important part to buy with a dash cam, which is the microSD card.

Choosing a good memory is very important because some types of memories quickly become damaged, which may cause you to lose an important clip in the event of an accident, God forbid. With MLC technology, that is, which stores 2 bits in each storage cell in memory, which means in terms of technology, longer life and more reliability, and try to avoid memories that come with lower specifications than mentioned, or follow the recommendations for the type of memory from the manufacturer.

What is the way to divide and classify clip files in memory?

It means the extent of the capabilities of the dash cam in dividing and classifying the video files in the memory well according to the type of recording. After the memory is full, the dash cam erases the old video files as is known and replaces the new ones according to the type of recording. To clarify the importance of the correct division and classification of clips within memory, take this example: It was recorded in the dash cam by the shock sensor, and it will be saved and categorized in another file and protected from scanning even if the clip becomes old so that the user of the dash cam can return to the video saved in memory later to see it even if a long time has passed since that event, and after the user has viewed the The video can be erased manually to free up more space in the memory, and the feature of classifying files within the memory is a feature that is only found in premium-class dash cams, which gives you more protection.

What is shock sensor and motion sensor?

The shock and motion sensor is one of the most important things to have in a dash cam and it's usually in the top category, so what do the 'Shock or Motion Sensor Recording' memory clips mean? After the shock or motion sensor in the dash cam senses something, the video file will be saved and protected from scanning, which was recorded at this moment, until you return to it to see and find out why the clip was saved under this classification and to know if there was a shock and escape process or that someone scratched the dash cam. The car, and this is the sensor’s task in capturing shocks and working even while moving in the car, and in the event that someone tries to approach or tamper around the car while standing, this is the task of the motion sensor in the video to save and protect the clip under the classification of “Shock or motion sensor recording.”

These two features will make your car more secure at all times.

Possibility to download updates for the software installed on the dash cam, the video viewer for the dash cam, and the instruction manual

In the event that you encounter problems with the dash cam or you have purchased a new dash cam and you find some problems, it seems that you have to perform an update of the camera software, and most of the common problems, if found, are such as repeated restart, registration errors, or problems with Wi-Fi and GPS.

But the good thing is that there are plenty of sources from the manufacturers to help you solve these problems by updating the dash cam software by downloading it from the Internet.

Learn more about the types of dash cams available to us and their accessories.

In Dash Cam Saudi Arabia store, we appreciate your purchase of high quality cameras that will exceed your expectations, and to make sure that our customers are familiar with all the features in their cameras and to have a reliable reference, we do reports for different types of dash cams and also give our impressions about them to facilitate the customers instead of making them refer to the brochure Comes with the cam and figure it out for themselves, and we'll give you the information you need to make it easy for you to choose the right type of dash cam when you're looking for one.

We will inform you in our initial impressions of the new products with the opinion of the experts first, and then come the reports, which highlight our previous experience with the products that have been reported and the history of their manufacturers, and the information that we will know from the new products that we will work on the reports. We will tell customers what to expect from the new product before we make our detailed report on it.

We strive to make the report for the new product after we try it for some time, to provide customers with a comprehensive view of the main characteristics, defects, advantages and technical specifications, as well as provide in the report video samples on the ground to show its capabilities in photography, and these reports for the dash cam will make you feel as if you used it before and know exactly What product did you buy.