Front Dash Cam - Vantrue T1

161.73 USD

A camera provided by the American company Vantrue, a 12-month warranty that can be extended to 18 months, among its most prominent specifications:

- front camera.

HD 2K imaging, clear night vision.

Easy to install and operate, it works automatically when the car is started.

- Audio recording.

- The camera is without external memory, supports the installation of external memory up to 256GB.

170 degree wide viewing angle.

- Equipped with Wi-Fi to easily pull clips and photos on your mobile.

- Equipped with GPS to know your speed and the places you have visited, the video appears at the bottom of the screen.

- Protection of your car 24/7 when parking mode is activated.

- Equipped with a Supercapacitor, a modern technology that is resistant to high temperatures up to 70 °C and a replacement for the normal battery and extends the life of the product.

- Loop recording feature, which means that you do not need to unpack the memory when it is full, as the camera automatically records new clips on top of the old ones.

- G-SENSOR feature, in the event of an accident, God forbid, or a vehicle vibration, the video is saved and secured in a separate file. The Loop recording feature does not work with it.

- Equipped with a Bluetooth remote that works to take pictures with one touch and also to save and secure clips when you touch it twice as desired.

Product box contents:

1- The bluetooth remote.. For your safety, do not stick it on any of the outlets of airbags or airbags.

2- The camera.

3- Base with a sticker to install the camera.

4 - A short cord that can be used between the camera and the computer or TV.

5- Two USB ports connected to the car's lighter.

6- A wire to power the camera at the entrance to the lighter.

7- A thank you card, through which the camera can be registered to extend the warranty to 18 months.

8- Instruction Manual.

* Download the RoadView application to view clips and change settings.

* To activate the parking feature, a power bank can be used in cold weather, or the camera can be connected to the fuse box via an electrical connection with a battery protection feature.

  • 161.73 USD
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